Data encryption – how important is for our cybersecurity?

Encrypting messages and breaking codes are activities that we associate mainly with detective stories full of action. We don’t realize how many aspects of our internet activity are encrypted. Not only the military or the government uses data encryption, but also companies from the e-commerce and finance industries. Our data is also encrypted daily in

What you need to know about the Dark Web and the dark market

Although the statistics on that matter vary, it is estimated that while browsing the Internet, we only get to see about 4 or 5% of the whole web. So called surface web consists of everything that we are used to seeing on the Internet: blogs, social media platforms, online stores, news websites, streaming platforms, and so on. However,

Everything you need to know about face verification

We see hundreds of faces every day. They look at us from the screens of phones, on social media platforms, we see them at work, at home, on the tram, and in the park. Human faces are such an obvious visual element for us, that we don’t think about how our brain recognizes and identifies

Evolution of document security features

Documents are an integral part of our lives. Without a passport or an ID card we would not be able to go on with our lives. Our functioning in today’s world would be impossible. Due to their importance, documents require adequate security to protect them against the possibility of forgery or alteration. Such documents include,

The future of remote work

The form of work outside the workplace was implemented at the end of the last century, then it was a response to the rapidly growing number of employees in the developing telemarketing industry. Remote work turned out to be a success, both employees and employers were fond of it. The savings in time and money

Identity verification in peer-to-peer lending industry

What is peer-to-peer lending? Peer-to-peer lending, also known as P2P lending or crowdlending, is a practice of lending money to businesses or individuals through online platforms that match lenders with borrowers in return for a fee. It is a way for borrowers to get funding without the involvement of banks, and for lenders to make

How does identity verification work in the travel industry?

  Traveling, sightseeing, exploring… These activities are inherent in man and his innovative nature. For many of us, seeing new places and cultures is an integral part of our lives. We cannot imagine our life without traveling. The smaller trips to family and friends, and the larger excursions to completely unknown corners of the world,

Transformation of human identity

Who are we and how we perceive ourselves has been a constant question in human history. For centuries we have searched for something that could describe us. As humans we feel the need to identify with something.  Human identity is a mixture of values, beliefs, behaviour, skills and qualities, attitude and appearance that are influenced

How could identity verification change online dating?

In the past two decades, we moved the majority of our everyday tasks and chores to the virtual world. It is nothing out of ordinary to shop online, have an online consultation with a doctor, open and manage a bank account. All of it can happen without having to make an appointment or leaving the

Why your company’s cybersecurity matter?

Cybersecurity refers to all the activities involved in protecting computers, telephones, systems, networks, and data from external attacks. Activities ensuring cybersecurity should be the basis for the functioning of users all over the world, as well as companies and institutions that deal with sensitive data daily. The pandemic and remote work exposed weaknesses and gaps