Credit Suisse and the consequences of bad customer due diligence

The high-profile scandal that shook the financial world continues. Credit Suisse, a financial firm in Switzerland, was accused, based on an international investigation by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, of failing to apply due diligence procedures to its clients, amongst who were corrupt politicians, drug dealers, and criminals.

The Benefits of using a video KYC service

In times of global digitization, identity verification is essential. A Video KYC service can be one of the main parts of customer onboarding. By using a service like that, institutions that require verification of customer can maintain higher security, and their customers are guided through the entire process thus committing fewer errors that can occur during

Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.