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Identity Verifications, Online, on Video.

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Banking Grade -Identity Verifications, Online, on Video.

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How video identifications from Fully-Verified are better?

We take the best there is in terms of technology (video + AI), and use it in the background.

But we let real-human, trained verification specialists make the final decision.

Stress-free customer onboarding

Without the need to hire, train and manage more staff.

Save Time

Secure, flexible, and fast onboarding process. It can take less than a minute for user to complete their verification.

Extreme Security

Future-proof identity verifications which are the core of KYC, AML, and Customer Due Diligence procedures. Can be made compliant with the strictest of regulations such as BaFin or FINMA.

No Identity fraud

We eliminate the problem of people using fake / stolen IDs or any other tricks thanks to our video identification service.

Say goodbye to…

Wasted time

Performing ineffective and inefficient verifications yourself (as well as recruiting, training, and managing staff to perform them for you).

Loss of revenue

Due to delays between customer signup and how long it takes to get them verified

KYC / AML worries

Stop worrying about complying with changing KYC and AML requirements. We have you covered.

Worldwide coverage

We can support verification from almost anywhere in the world and using most document types:




Document Types

Our video identification process is simple

Your Business

Users fill in a registration form on your website with their personal details.

Our Identity Verification Service

Details are sent
to us via API.

Real-time Verification

We verify the details using our video identity verification process.

Identification Completed

We send you results and evidence automatically. Customer can perform desired actions straight away.

Eliminate identity fraud!

Solve KYC / AML compliance issues

Multiple Identification Methods

Use either full video identifications on a live call or our automated solution.

Meet Strict Regulations

Compliance with strict KYC and AML requirements from your country. Our procedures can meet all of them.

Conversion Optimised

Apart from offering extra security and compliance, we also make sure your conversion rates are high!

Multiple Checks

Document validation and ownership checks, spoofing detection, face recogntion, sanctions / pep checks ...and more.

Our services are available on all platforms

Smartphones, tablets, computers…. you name it!


Automated identity verifications on video. Users go through the whole procedure on their own.

  • Whole procedure recorded on video (not just pictures)
  • All evidence is sent to you (pictures of documents, selfies, video,  document details etc), not just a yes/no response
  • Validate everything – know that we’ve not only verified document authenticity but also the person holding it AND compared the two together PLUS recorded everything on video.


Video identifications done on a live video call with our (or your) verification specialist.

  • Satisfies highest levels of regulations
  • Safer than physical face-to-face identifications in bank branches
  • Backed by automated document recognition, face recognition,  AI, and Machine Learning
  • Customisable verification scenarios.

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