Don’t miss out on any user sign ups.
Comply with regulations.
Provide best in class user experience. 

Verify users from all over the world. Automatically.

Our service allows users to access your platform without any friction,
and prevent even the most advanced fraud attempts (such as deep fakes).

Focused on you business growth

Startup friendly pricing

No need to pay large up-front commitments if you don’t want to ( pay-as-you-go option available).

Scale with us

We’re ready to support you from your first verification up to hundreds of thousands verifications per month.

Conversion optimised

We assist users, by providing real-time AI-powered feedback, on each step of the verification procedure.

Fast and easy integration

Finish integration in less than 2 hours, or use our pre-made forms instantly without any development work.

Focused on your business security

Eliminate fraud

We check for spoofing attempts other providers have not even heard of; from deep fakes to all kinds of digital and physical document tampering.

Document authentication that covers more than just data extraction

Automated anti-tamper detection, visual security elements check, authentication of proper data formatting and encryption

No country restrictions​

Fully-Verified supports over 10k document types from almost every country worldwide, providing top notch identity verification tool for both local and global brands. Moreover user interface can be available in language of your choice.




Document Types

Available on any device anytime you want​

All you need is a phone with camera and internet connection

Stay compliant

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum… Our service allows users to access your platform within as little as and without any friction, while at the same time preventing even the most advanced fraud attempts (such as deep fakes).





Forex / CFD trading


...and others

How much revenue are you losing
due to an unoptimised onboarding process?

We’ve designed our service to optimise that by:

Automated image capture assistance

Real-time user feedback during the process

Capturing pictures automatically at the best moment

Users are often unable to take quality pictures by themselves and as a result can become frustrated and abandon their signup

They might use bad lighting or cut half of the document out of the picture.
 Our algorithm automatically detects:

Light reflections

If the room is too dark

If all 4 corners of the document are visible

Head position and expressions for the best portrait photo

If document is obscured by fingers or other elements

Correct angle of the picture

Camera focus quality

Boost signups while eliminating fraud

Our service protects you from:
  • Using 2D paper photos & digital images
  • Deep fakes
  • Spoofing using high resolution videos
  • Sleeping users with closed eyes
  • Paper masks with eye & mouth cutouts
  • Impostors, lookalikes & doppelgangers
  • Device Emulators & Virtual Camera programs
  • Hollywood masks, wax figures & lifelike dolls
  • Photos or video frames animated into avatars
  • Video projections on 3D heads

Maximum benefits packed in a simple to follow process

Video Selfie
Document capture
Obszar kompozycji 2
Real-time feedback
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Verification completed

Available to you within one easy-to-use dashboard

They might use bad lighting or cut half of the document out of the picture.
But our algorithms are here to detect that. We automatically detect:

Manage verification cases

Integration testing and sandbox

Audit and reporting

See and download results

Assign team roles

Multiple verification methods for different security and compliance requirements

Don’t let any more customers miss out on your platform by slow or complicated verification procedures.

Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.