Manual KYC​

Save time by outsourcing the KYC procedure

What does it consist of?

We have extensive experience and knowledge in cybersecurity and onboarding new clients that we can share with you. We can also advise you on the right tools and help with improving the existing verification process. For you it means a smooth, easy, and scalable way of handling your compliance processes without recruiting new personnel. Our specialists verify:

Identity documents and its ownership

Proof of address

PEP and sanctions - we check whether the person is not on the sanctions list, PEP or terrorist list

User behavior - our employees are trained in recognising suspicious behaviour as well as customer service skills

What do we check

Our identity verification platform can guarantee automatic and reliable reading of all information from the document, such as:
  • MRZ validation 
  • Checksum validation 
  • Expiry date check 
  • Name
  • Surname 
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality 
  • Sex  
  • Document Number 
  • Document Type 
  • Document Issuing Country 
  • and more… 

Worldwide coverage

Fully-Verified supports over 7.5k document types from almost every country worldwide, providing top notch identity verification tool for both local and global brands:




Document Types

How does it work?

You tell us all about your KYC needs and expectations

We customize our services to suit your needs and business requirements

Our team can work for you on your own platform, complying with your business’s standards and policies or we create a custom solution based on your needs help you while using our own platform and resources

We save you from the hassle of dealing with KYC/AML procedures and deliver professional help.

Your company doesn’t have its own platform and KYC strategy?

It is possible that you haven’t created a path for you and your business to ensure its highest safety yet. If you have a platform to verify your customers and handle your KYC tasks, Fully-Verified offers services that can be performed according to your own plan. We also offer to perform those tasks using our own platform and resources customized to suit your needs.

Your company has its own platform and KYC strategy but you struggle with handling it on your own?

Right now, companies from certain industries, like cryptocurrency companies or various fintechs are becoming increasingly popular. Higher number of customers equals growing needs for your business – increasing the number of employees or time devoted to onboarding and verification of your users.

If you already have a platform and a KYC procedure

Our experienced team will work on your platform, using your resources and following your policies.

Why is it better to outsource KYC processes?

By outsourcing KYC procedures, you can gain the most important things – time and industry specific know-how. By outsourcing to us, you entrust your clients to professionals while you can take care of other areas of your own company.
Fraud elimination

Properly performed KYC processes guarantees company's safety. As people who deal with identity verification daily, we can check the accuracy of information provided by your clients with full accuracy.

Faster onboarding and approval

Checks if data from the MRZ strip is consistent with the information on the document and with the information provided by the user

Immediate availability and scalability

If you want to check your clients, but you do not have a platform or available staff, outsourcing the KYC process is the most convenient and efficient option. You don't have to worry about hiring, screening, training, and managing your entire team of people, and building a platform from scratch. Plus, you don't have to worry about regulatory compliance - at Fully - Verified we comply with even the strictest ones.

Flexible and easy customization

We can adapt to the requirements of your company regarding KYC. We can do the checks for you when you already have certain procedures implemented, and when you don't know how to find yourself in the meanders of identity verification.

Ready to solve your KYC and onboarding headaches?

Eliminate identity fraud
Prevent revenue loss
Onboard users fast
Stay compliant

Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.