How proper KYC process can boost conversion rates?

UPDATEJanuary 2023 How proper KYC process can boost conversion rates? Protecting your company from fraud is essential, but if you’re afraid that Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations will negatively impact your conversion rates or suffocate your business, you don’t have to worry anymore.   Establishing your  KYC processes correctly can positively impact your business. It can

Deepfakes – what are they and how to deal with them

This article will explain what are deepfakes, how deepfakes may damage business and how to prevent such fraudulent activities. If you work in a company that has to verify users identity, and you want to avoid revenue losses you may find here some interesting information.  How are deepfakes made? Deepfakes are recordings prepared with the

Build trust through identity verification in the commercial real estate business

Commercial real estate, because of its nature, is inevitably bound not only with frequent high-value transactions, tons of paperwork including contracts, leases and escrow documents, but also with managing and verifying hundreds of individuals and organizations which are a part of the business; each agent has to be included in a secure identity system to

Why Anti-Money Laundering Is Important for businesses

UPDATEJanuary 2023 Why Anti-Money Laundering Is Important for businesses Forex brokers must verify and protect against fraud not only for the benefit of customers but also to to comply with regulatory requirements. Furthermore, they need to make sure they can verify their customers’ identities under the Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Financial regulations like KYC

Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.