Live video-verifications, with a trained specialist backed by AI
A quick, convenient and incredibly secure method of verifying your customers identity
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How can video identifications will help your business?

Video identifications are a process where the end-users have
their identity verified during a video call with a verification specialist.

Eliminate fraud

Combination of live video call with a trained specialist backed with automated technologies makes it as safe as it gets in terms of verifying someone's identity online.

Comply with regulations

Full video identifications satisfy the strictest KYC and compliance requirements in most countries, even BaFin in Germany, FINMA in Switzerland, or RBI's requirements in India.

Onboard users fast

It will take just a few minutes to onboard, verify and finalize the process.

Why Fully-Verified video identifications are better?

During a video identification users and their documents are verified on live-video call, with a verification specialists. Process is backed by automated document and face recognition scan.
Improved Security

Ownership of documents is verified live on video. This eliminates the problem of people using stolen or fake IDs.

Real-time processing and faster approval

Real-time processing means that your customers can be verified faster than if they were using conventional methods.

Multiple layers of protection

Documents are automatically scanned, recorded, and validated. The process is also backed by face recognition technology. Still, the final decision is made by a human for extra security and higher level of compliance.


The whole process is recorded and stored. Should anything ever happen, the video will be available for viewing again. This is something that’s not even possible during physical ID verifications at bank branches.

More reliable than in-person identifications
in bank branches

As opposed to physical, face-to-face identifications, our service incorporates automated document scanning, live recorded video, automated face recognition and machine learning working hand in hand with highly skilled specialists.
Well-trained verification specialists

Our agents undergo a rigorous training in areas of criminal psychology, document knowledge, and body language. This is the main area of their expertise, unlike in bank branches.


Videos are recorded in high resolution, meaning that user and their documents can be seen very clearly and from different angles.

Not just
a video call

The whole process is aided by automated document validation, face recognition and other types of AI. This, in most cases, cannot be done face to face in bank branches. This is also a major time-saving factor.

Ready to solve your KYC
and onboarding headaches?

Eliminate identity fraud
Prevent revenue loss
Onboard users fast
Stay compliant

Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.