Gaming and E-sports

Achievement unlocked: Safe identity verification in the e-sport industry!

How we can help

Gaming and e-sport are exposed to scams and fraud. Players need to feel safe, and platforms need to make sure that the players meet the age requirements. Without proper KYC, the platform is exposed to reputational damage and can be used to launder money.

Know Your Player

We offer a solution that allows game publishers to obtain all necessary information about their players and make sure each player is who they say they are when they register or start playing the game.

Bring customer experience to the next level

We are providing a simple and easy way to verify your identity so your customers can safely participate in the gaming industry.

Eliminate bots and fraudulent activity

We're preventing fake users from joining our platform.

Ensure user’s safety

Our platform eliminates the threat of identity fraud.

Verify your players' age

Identity verification allows operators to ensure that those who access their platforms are old enough to play.

Stop money laundering

Our services prevent fraudulent activities that can negatively affect your business.


Fully-Verified offers a KYC solution that allows game publishers to obtain all necessary information about their players and make sure each one is who they say they are when they register or start playing the game. The entire process is fast and easy; our solution automatically collects all required data from government-issued documents like ID cards or passports. There’s no need for a face-to-face meeting or manual document submission. 
Conversion optimized

We assist users, by providing real-time AI-powered feedback, in performing all the necessary steps.

Made for speed

Users can be verified in under 10 seconds.

Available on any device

All you need is a device with a camera and internet connection.

Fully customizable

Services tailored to your risk-based approach.


If a player’s identity cannot be verified using an automated verification, we offer a Live-Verify solution. As per AML/CTF requirements during the video call, a person and their document are verified on a  live video call with a real-human verification expert. This way, we ensure every player has passed identity verification before gameplay starts which also helps protect your brand against fraudsters and scammers!
Specialist assistance

Our agents make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.


The whole process is recorded and stored. Should anything ever happen, the video will be available for viewing again.

Fast approval

Real-time processing means that your customers can get verified right away.


Proof of address check

Confirms that the address stated for the verification is the actual residence address and ties the user to a specific location.

Mobile Transaction Authentication Number (mTAN, SMS TAN)

A one-time code used in verification processes. The code sent via a text message to the user's phone number adds an additional layer of security when conducting an identity verification process.

Age Verification

Establishes the players' age and protects platforms from unauthorized access.

Play safe!

Identity verification for online gaming is a reality. The Fully-Verified platform makes it simple, quick, and secure. But how does it work? Book a demo and find out!

How we do it?

Identity documents verification

We combine technology and processes to verify the identity document thoroughly to establish its authenticity:
  • Automated checks using OCR technology
  • MRZ checksums and data consistency
  • Comparing with the templates, looking for any signs of manipulation or forgery
  • Holograms and security features check
  • Checking the edges of the document
  • Document overall quality checks

Face verification

Our process is backed up by a face-matching AI algorithm to further validate the identity document’s ownership.  This automatic check compares the photo of the user, taken during the verification process, with a portrait from the ID document. As a result, we can determine its ownership.

Manual KYC

We believe in the human factor in catching any fraudulent attempts. With this in mind, we have developed a manual KYC carried out by our trained verification specialists. There is no better liveness check.
  • Identity documents and their ownership
  • Proof of address
  • User behaviour
In Auto-Verify:
  • Additional review if verification’s result exceeds an established risk score

Our software. Your comfort.

Smooth integration with your business framework


Swiftly integrate our identity verification solutions via API into your platform. Take comfort in access to data and gather results instantly

Cloud-based verification form

Just attach a link to our service to your platform. Relieve the costs and let your users fill out the form embedded in your business ecosystem.

Mobile SDK

Blend our native tech stack solutions to your iOS or Android app and achieve a frictionless onboarding experience.

Get the verification results instantly via our administrative panel

Easy to navigate cloud-based software available in two options:

Full Service

combine the service with expertise from our trained verification specialists


operate on our convenient software backed with our guidance

Get the verification results instantly via our administrative panel

Easy access to verification data package to speed up the onboarding process:

Get the details automatically through API

Gain manual access from the customer board

All the verification details in one package

  • Video and sound recording of the process in one Mp4 file (Live-Verify and Self-Verify solutions)
  • Pictures of the user, identity document, and proof of address document (if needed)
  • JSON format to read the data automatically
  • Results of automatic checks – OCR and face verification
  • History of verification status 
  • Real-time updates

Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.