Fully-Verified offers a video identification solution where users identity and documents can be verified during a live video stream with the presence of a human verification specialist. Fully-Verified also offers an automated video identification solution where the same can be done without the presence of human verification specialist. All the user has to do is follow the on-screen instructions: capturing a selfie, pictures of the document, and perform liveness checks (which can be customised per customer).

Yes, Fully-Verified services are well suited to verify the age of your customers. Our software extracts the date of birth from the identity documents and automatically calculates the age of the document owner.

Our identity verification process is designed to be simple, quick and convenient. Fully-Verified provides a multichannel solution, that enables customers to verify themselves using mobile phones and Web, whenever and they want to. The whole process takes only a few minutes, and we provide instructions throughout the whole process.

They will need only:

  • A computer with a webcam or a mobile phone with a camera.
  • Valid identity document.
  • A stable Internet connection.

Yes, it can be integrated through our API. The process is very easy to implement. To know more contact us here.

Fully Verified provides banking-grade identity verification with speed and accuracy. We are proud to present a solution which can verify customers quickly with ease and convenience without sacrificing the security and AML compliance on the way.

We based our identity verification process on video stream to eliminate the possibility to use printed photos of documents and selfies, pre-recorded videos, 2D, and 3D masks or any other spoofing method.

Identity Verification process

At Fully-Verified, identity verifications consist of two elements:

  • Automated face recognition and matching (Our algorithms check if the face of the person presenting the document is the same as the face of the picture on the document).
  • Document authentication.

By combining the strengths of AI and human reviewer, we assure the highest level of security and protection against fraudsters.

To guarantee the highest level of security on each document a series of checks are performed by AI and human verification specialist.

  • AI checks MRZ, checksums and data consistency.
  • The software reads the document and extracts all the information written on it (from the name of the owner, date of birth and expiration date to issuing authority).
  • Comparison to government templates, looking for any signs of manipulation or forgery, verifying fonts.
  • Check of documents edges, holograms and other security features visible under different angles.


Yes, for an additional charge. Fully-Verified offers global coverage of sanctions, watchlists, and PEPs.

Our global data sources are continuously updated, reflecting the ever-changing risks to corporates and financial institutions in their dealings with global counterparties. The data includes millions of profiles on high-risk individuals and corporations worldwide. We cover almost 350 databases.

We support international passports, national identity cards and driving licenses from more than 200 countries. For a detailed list contact us here.

Offer and pricing

The Full Service model allows you to move all the burden of verifying customers from your company to  Fully Verified. Our verification specialists will perform identity verifications of your customers and you will get the results. Focus on the growth of your company and leave the identity verification to experts!

In the SaaS model, we only provide our software, and you can assign your own employees, to perform identity verifications. You will receive a ready-to-use package, which covers everything required to deliver video identifications. Verifications are carried out through our easy to use interface.

Possible verification results are “Success” or “Failed” for completed verifications. Successful means that all details were correct and we were able to verify someone’s identity. Fail means that some of the details were incorrect or that there was a fraud attempt.

The last verification status is “Unverified” which is given to verifications that couldn’t be completed due to, for example, technical problems such as the end-user dropping out of a call and not completing the process.

We only charge for successful ones and when we detect fraudsters. We never charge for incomplete verifications! Our minimum fee charge already includes a number of verifications. For more information about pricing, contact us here.


Yes and yes! We do have our own mobile app (for Android and iOS). We can also integrate with your company’s app via an SDK.

We suggest using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Please contact us here and we will provide you with access.

Please contact us here and we will provide that to you.



Video identification is a quick, convenient and incredibly secure method of verifying your identity online. The identification is carried out through a video chat between you and our verification specialist. The verification specialist will take a photo of you and your identity document while completing all the required checks in the meantime. You will also be asked to show your document to the camera and tilt it under different angles to reveal the holograms and other security features on it. The entire process is recorded on video.

Automated identity verification is a quick, convenient method of verifying your identity online. It is completed without the assistance of a verification specialist. You only need to take a selfie, a photo of your document and those are automatically sent to Fully-Verified for a review. The entire process is recorded on video.

You will need:

  • A computer with a webcam or a mobile phone with a camera.
  • Valid identity document.
  • A stable Internet connection.

Video identity verification with a specialist takes 5-7 minutes. Automated identity verification can be completed in one minute!


Before submitting photos for review make sure that the document on the provided photos is:

  • Readable
  • Make sure that the whole page/sides of the document are fully visible and that your fingers or light reflections are not covering any information on the identity document.
  • Use a device with a high-resolution camera (mobile devices are recommended).
  • Use an identity document that we support. Fully-Verified accepts international passports, national ID cards, and driving licences. The document:
    • must include a photograph of the document owner,
    • can’t be written by hand, all the personal data must be machine written.
    • If the document is not written in English or bilingual (national language and translation), at least the personal information must be written in Latin/Roman script (for example documents only written in Cyrillic or traditional Chinese characters are not accepted).

For a full list of supported documents, contact us here.

Our identity verification is free for you as a user.

You will be informed by email when the identity verification process is complete. Shortly after, you will see the result on the account you were signing up for.

We only collect data related to the identity verification procedure. After your identity verification, your data is safely stored for a limited amount of time. Afterward, it’s deleted. For more information please see our privacy policy.

Yes, it will be encrypted to ensure the highest level of security. For more information please see our privacy policy.

Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.