eGaming is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Its impact on economies across the world has been more than significant. It has an exponentially rising demand for high-quality services and products due to a massive surge in players.

Unfortunately, gaming and e-sport are full of opportunities for scams and fraud. Players need to feel safe, so platforms with a reputation for putting out games that become fraudsters’ targets, will quickly see their player bases shrinking. Without proper KYC, the platform can be used for miscellaneous fraudulent activities. 

Identity Verification for the gaming industry

Whether you are an online gaming service provider or a platform, identity verification is non-negotiable nowadays. It doesn’t only determine the trustworthiness of your users but also prevents money laundering and other fraudulent activities that can negatively affect your business. If you haven’t introduced egaming identity verification to your service yet, now might be the right time to do it. You should be aware of the risks that operating without it entails.

Don't AFK on Age verification

It’s easy to see why children are particularly susceptible to the allure of online gaming: many games feature complex, interactive environments and storylines that encourage social interaction with other players. In addition, the technological advances in graphics and sound design make these games feel more “immersive” than ever before. This is where identity verification comes in handy—it allows operators to ensure that those who access their platforms are old enough to play.

Get to Know Your Player

When a player is creating an account, he usually gives minimum information. There is no law requiring a user to present any identity documentation. But that may change in time. Since the players spend more and more money on their accounts, it could be beneficial to confirm the player’s identity. 

Eliminate bots and fraudulent activity

Online bots and other fraudulent activity are a billion-dollar problem extending beyond the virtual world and into real life. The gaming industry needs to take action to prevent the problem from getting worse. Players are starting to lose trust in online casinos, which can lead to certain games losing out on business if no action is taken soon.

Don't be a noob when it comes to identity verification!

Fully-Verified is the leading provider of identity verification solutions. Our technology allows users to verify their identities in real-time, using live video and biometric data. As a member of an e-sport team, you want to ensure your competition is a player worthy of your skills. Fully-Verified provides that assurance by securing your team’s virtual identity.

KYC platform for global customer onboarding

Decrease onboarding costs up to 46% Improve pass rates up to 26% Complete verifications in less than 15s.

Bring customer experience to the next level

In many cases, the idea of introducing gaming identity verification has been defeated by fears that it will slow down your users and reduce their overall satisfaction with the service. Yes, extensive KYC checks can indeed be cumbersome; however, this doesn’t mean that all identity verifications are equally burdensome for your customers. Especially when it comes to online gaming services and apps aimed at younger audiences. They expect instant gratification from digital services, and keeping things easy and fast is of utmost importance.

  • Skip the hassle 

A simple and easy way to verify your identity so your customers can safely participate in the gaming industry.

  • Take back your privacy

Our platform eliminates the threat of identity fraud. 

  • No more fake profiles

We’re preventing fake users from joining our platform.

Don't play with your users' safety!

Gaming is fun, but playing with someone else’s account is risky. With many cyber-attacks and fraud cases targeting gamers, this problem is only getting worse. Fully-Verified offers a KYC solution that allows game publishers to obtain all necessary information about their players and make sure each player is who they say they are when they register or start playing the game. The entire process is fast and easy; our Self-Verify solution automatically collects all required data from government-issued documents like ID cards or passports. There’s no need for a face-to-face meeting or manual document submission. 

Buff your player base and onboard users from anywhere at anytime

With such a massive number of players worldwide playing different games, both free and paid, we can conclude that there is an increasing need for an identity verification service among this audience. And that’s what we provide! If a player’s identity cannot be verified using an automated verification, we offer a Live-Verify solution. As per AML/CTF requirements during the video call, a person and their document are verified live with a real-human verification expert. This way, we ensure every player has passed identity verification before gameplay starts which also helps protect your brand against fraudsters and scammers!

Play Safe! Identity verification for online gaming is a reality. The Fully-Verified platform makes it simple, quick, and secure. But how does it work? Book a demo and find out!

KYC platform for global customer onboarding

Decrease onboarding costs up to 46% Improve pass rates up to 26% Complete verifications in less than 15s.

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Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.