KYC platform for global customer onboarding.

Best in class solutions to meet any level of compliance and risk. Choose from fully-automated onboarding to verifications guides by a live agent. 


Reduce verification
costs by 46%

Fully-Verified reduces the cost of each verification by an impressive 46%, helping businesses save money while maintaining the highest standards of identity verification. 

Increase onboarding rate by 26% with minimum false positives

We ensure a higher customer onboarding rate by 26% with minimum false positives. Our solution helps companies identify potential fraud while still allowing legitimate customers to be onboarded quickly and easily.

Accessible in 230+ countries with support of 250+ document types

Fully-Verified’s KYC service uses banking-grade technology to help businesses identify and verify their customers. This helps to prevent fraudulent activities and protect the business and its customers from potential security risks.

Age Verification

Prevent underage access to restricted resources and protect your company from non-compliance fines.

KYC Compliance

Collect data customers. Check authenticity of the documents. Asses risk and avoid financial & reputation loses.

Proof Of Adress

Confirm that the provided address for the verification process is associated with a particular location for the user.

Fraud prevention

Determine whether your potential customer is being truthful regarding their identity to eliminate the risk of cybercrime.

ID verification

Know if your prospective customer is telling the truth about who they say they are, before granting access to your service.

Identity check

Eliminated risk of cybercrimes, financial crimes and money laundering with a Fully-Verified identity verification tools.

Seamless integration, maximum impact

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, ensuring that you can start using them right away without the need for complicated or time-consuming setup processes. Our user-friendly integration process makes it easy for you to get up and running quickly, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Availible on all platforms

Rest API ​

Swiftly integrate our identity verification solutions via API into your platform. Take comfort in access to data and gather results instantly​.

Cloud-based verification form​

Just attach a link to our service to your platform. Relieve the costs and let your users fill out the form embedded in your business ecosystem. ​​

Mobile SDK​

Blend our native tech stack solutions to your iOS or Android app and achieve a frictionless onboarding experience.

Test the solution with 50 free verifications

Secure your business and build trust with customers through streamlined KYC verification.

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