Video identification is a quick, convenient and incredibly secure
method of verifying your customers identity online.

Used effectively it eliminates fraud, speeds up customer onboarding, and helps with KYC / AML compliance.

What are full video identifications?

Full video identifications are where an end-user connects with a verification specialist on a live video call in order to verify their identity. 

Video identifications can be known under different names, such as:
video verification, video kyc, video ident, video onboarding, and others….

How identity verifications on video are better

During a video identification- people and their documents are verified live, on video, with real-human verification specialists. Process is backed by automated document and face recognition.

Improved Security

Improved Security

Ownership of documents is verified live on
video. This eliminates the problem of people
using stolen or fake IDs.

Real-time processing and faster approval

Real-time processing and faster approval

Real-time processing means that your customers can get verified quicker than if they were using conventional methods.

Multiple layers of protection

Multiple layers of protection

Documents are automatically scanned,
recorded, and validated. The process is also
backed by face recognition technology. Still,
the final decision is made by a human for extra
security and higher level of compliance.



The whole process is recorded and stored.
Should anything ever happen, the video will
be available for viewing again. This is something
that’s not even possible during physical ID
verifications at bank branches.

How full video identifications compare with physical, face-to-face identifications in bank branches

As opposed to physical, face-to-face identifications, our service incorporates automated document scanning, live recorded video, automated face recognition and machine learning. Which back the specialist up in making the right decision.

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