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Rapid user growth in crypto exchanges calls for immediate action. Lawmakers worldwide started to tighten their requirements and regulations regarding crypto exchanges and other crypto platforms. Choosing a KYC solution provider that will “tick all the boxes” and ensure compliance, security, and excellent customer experience doesn’t have to be complicated. Fully-Verified offers a range of video-based identity verification solutions to meet your needs.

Ensure compliance with global regulations

Stay compliant with global legal requirements and regulation

Eliminate risks of forgery and fraud

Stop money laundering, financial crimes, and scams – create a safe platform by eliminating bad actors

Provide a great customer experience during onboarding

Offer straight-to-the-point, customer-centric identity verification – ensure the process is quick, easy, and can be done anytime, from anywhere in the world

Build a community based on trust

Establish a community of verified users – the key to building trust and transparency between users, as well as users and your platform

Fully-Verified solutions

KYC for crypto platforms can bring several benefits for both the users and the business owners. In the age of the digital revolution and growing interest in crypto trading and investing, choosing the right identity verification provider is the key. Fully-Verified offers a range of services that will help you bring the most out of those benefits while creating a secure identity verification experience.


Identity verification solutions for crypto platforms by Fully-Verified are made of AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, biometric technology, and human intelligence. This combination allows each process to create the most secure and fraud-proof solutions. Auto-Verify by Fully-Verified is a solution that provides a seamless experience for crypto users, allowing them to complete the verification check within minutes, hassle-free.

Onboarding of new users is quick and simple, but fully secure

Eliminates the risk of identity theft and forgery thanks to thorough checks

The verification can be performed by anyone regardless of location


Live-Verify is a process consisting of a live video call with a highly trained operator. During the check, the operator can conduct an interview and perform additional steps and checks requested by the client. The process can be customized to meet your needs and fulfill any legal requirements.

The process can be customized to meet even the strictest compliance standards

Removes the possibility of fraud attempts thanks to thorough checks by trained verification specialists backed by AI

All data is gathered, processed, and stored securely with no paperwork involved


Proof of address check

Establish your client's domicile and tie them to a specific location

Sanctions, Watchlist and PEP checks

Avoid providing services to clients associated with money laundering, fraud, or terrorism financing

Fast, convenient, and easily accessible to users worldwide

Fully-Verified allows full customization of identity verification processes to meet your needs and fulfill any international legal requirements. The process is fully digital, which means that your customers’ information is gathered, processed, and stored securely with no hassle of paperwork involved. Let’s get in touch to discuss your expectations and create a perfect KYC strategy and choose the perfect identity verification solution for your crypto business.

How we do it?

Identity documents verification

We combine technology and processes to verify the identity document thoroughly to establish its authenticity:
  • Automated checks using OCR technology
  • MRZ checksums and data consistency
  • Comparing with the templates, looking for any signs of manipulation or forgery
  • Holograms and security features check
  • Checking the edges of the document
  • Document overall quality checks

Face verification

Our process is backed up by a face-matching AI algorithm to further validate the identity document’s ownership.  This automatic check compares the photo of the user, taken during the verification process, with a portrait from the ID document. As a result, we can determine its ownership.

Manual KYC

We believe in the human factor in catching any fraudulent attempts. With this in mind, we have developed a manual KYC carried out by our trained verification specialists. There is no better liveness check.
  • Identity documents and their ownership
  • Proof of address
  • User behaviour
In Auto-Verify:
  • Additional review if verification’s result exceeds an established risk score

Our software. Your comfort.

Smooth integration with your business framework


Swiftly integrate our identity verification solutions via API into your platform. Take comfort in access to data and gather results instantly

Cloud-based verification form

Just attach a link to our service to your platform. Relieve the costs and let your users fill out the form embedded in your business ecosystem.

Mobile SDK

Blend our native tech stack solutions to your iOS or Android app and achieve a frictionless onboarding experience.

Get the verification results instantly via our administrative panel

Easy to navigate cloud-based software available in two options:

Full Service

combine the service with expertise from our trained verification specialists


operate on our convenient software backed with our guidance

Get the verification results instantly via our administrative panel

Easy access to verification data package to speed up the onboarding process:

Get the details automatically through API

Gain manual access from the customer board

All the verification details in one package

  • Video and sound recording of the process in one Mp4 file (Live-Verify and Self-Verify solutions)
  • Pictures of the user, identity document, and proof of address document (if needed)
  • JSON format to read the data automatically
  • Results of automatic checks – OCR and face verification
  • History of verification status 
  • Real-time updates

Crypto exchanges are digital marketplaces that make it possible to buy and sell crypto. Contrary to stock trading, you cannot buy cryptocurrencies through your bank or an investment firm. To get Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency available on the market, crypto exchanges are the place to look at.

Numbers of users and money involved in the cryptocurrency trading business are constantly growing. According to CoinGecko, The total crypto market has grown over 600% from $397 billion as of November 3, 2020, to $2.8 trillion on November 2, 2021.

At the same time, it is also estimated that in that same year, over 1.6 billion dollars worth of crypto was used to commit identity fraud, money laundering and other financial and cybercrimes.

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. KYC process  is considered an initial due diligence   stage of AML (anti-money laundering) procedures. When an institution onboards a new customer or a user, their identity is verified by the platform, in order to confirm their identity and assess risk value. 

What information is actually required from customers and the way the information is gathered, processed and verified, is often dictated by the regulations for specific industries. 

Proper KYC for cryptocurrency exchanges enhances safety for both parties involved – traders and trading platforms. It also ensures that the services are used accordingly and for legitimate reasons. Not only is it a foundation of compliance with regulations and laws, but it eliminates the risk of money laundering and other financial crimes committed through cryptocurrency trading. 

  • Increased risk of money laundering and terrorist financing through anonymous user accounts
  • The lack of monitoring and the control of transactions of users who are on watch lists or have previously been involved in financial crimes
  • Enabling identity theft crimes

To show why proper KYC procedures are beneficial for cryptocurrency exchanges and their users globally, it is good to take a look at other financial institutions and industries. Although the expectations regarding KYC for crypto exchanges can differ, the goal stays the same for everyone – ensuring the safety, transparency and fair trading of crypto assets and cryptocurrencies.

Building trust between customers 

It is one of the most important factors for KYC exchanges, especially on peer-to-peer crypto trading platforms, where users trade between each other. 

Risk assessment

KYC processes and proper identity verification of users enables exchange platforms to evaluate the risk level for each customer and recognize potential threats and oversee certain groups of customers more effectively.

Lower risk of fraud

Risk assessment of individual customers is one of the most important parts of bringing safety to any platform and its users. This way, cryptocurrency exchanges can recognise potential risks and threats early and implement proper policies in order to prevent fraud, scam and financial crimes attempts.

Fully-Verified offers a range of services that ensure compliance with the strictest regulations, safety and thorough identity verification and due diligence, such as:

Identity verification solutions:

  • Live-Verify. Video identity verification solution made in order to ensure the highest compliance and safety. The process consists of a live video interview with a highly trained operator who, with help of AI and machine learning solutions, verifies the identity of a user, confirms the authenticity of the presented identity document, as well as the rightful ownership. The full process is recorded and the video is available for viewing again. 
  • Self-Verify. Automated video identity verification solution which enables users to verify themselves without the operator present during the process. However, the whole process is still recorded and double-checked by a trained operator after the verification is completed.
  • Proof of Address
  • PEP and Sanctions Check
  • Manual KYC which means taking care of all your KYC needs after discussing your requirements and expectations with us

Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.