Over 50% of businesses have seen more online fraud in 2022 Don't become one of them!

Onboard Customers 100% Online

Onboard new users up to 87% faster

Comply with the strictest regulations

Many identification methods

Use full video identification during a live call or our automated solution.

Optimized Conversion

In addition to providing additional security and compliance, we also provide a high conversion rate!

Meet the strict rules

Compliance with the strict requirements of KYC and AML from your country. Our procedures can meet all of them.

A lot of controls

Document validation and property control, counterfeiting detection, face recognition, identity sanctions / checks ... and many more.

Our video identification process is simple

Your business

Users fill out the registration form on your website, providing their personal data.

Our identity verification service

Details are sent to us via the API.

Real-time verification

We verify the details using our video identity verification process.

Identification completed

We will send you the results and evidence automatically. The customer can immediately perform the desired actions.


Verify users from all over the world in matter of seconds

Onboard faster, safer, and smarter with our KYC verification service. With pass rate improvements of up to 26% and cost reductions of up to 46%, our solution integrates seamlessly in just a few hours to prevent even the most advanced fraud tactics. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to secure onboarding in under 10 seconds. 


A banking-grade users verification 

Stay compliant and secure with our live verification service backed by cutting-edge technology, including document and face recognition, AI, and Machine Learning. Live-Verify offers customisable verification scenarios to meet your unique needs. Say goodbye to outdated, time-consuming processes and hello to streamlined, secure onboarding that exceeds the highest levels of regulations.


The Ultimate KYC Solution with Full Live Video Recording

Unlike our competitors who rely on partial recordings or photos sent by customers, we offer a live video recording of the entire process from start to finish. With this feature, you can witness every step of the process and have indisputable evidence for future reference.

Age Verification

Prevent underage access to restricted resources and protect your company from non-compliance fines.

KYC Compliance

Collect data customers. Check authenticity of the documents. Asses risk and avoid financial & reputation loses.

Proof Of Adress

Confirm that the provided address for the verification process is associated with a particular location for the user.

Fraud prevention

Determine whether your potential customer is being truthful regarding their identity to eliminate the risk of cybercrime.

ID verification

Know if your prospective customer is telling the truth about who they say they are, before granting access to your service.

Identity check

Eliminated risk of cybercrimes, financial crimes and money laundering with a Fully-Verified identity verification tools.

Seamless integration, maximum impact

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, ensuring that you can start using them right away without the need for complicated or time-consuming setup processes. Our user-friendly integration process makes it easy for you to get up and running quickly, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Availible on all platforms

Rest API ​

Swiftly integrate our identity verification solutions via API into your platform. Take comfort in access to data and gather results instantly​.

Cloud-based verification form​

Just attach a link to our service to your platform. Relieve the costs and let your users fill out the form embedded in your business ecosystem. ​​

Mobile SDK​

Blend our native tech stack solutions to your iOS or Android app and achieve a frictionless onboarding experience.

Test the solution with 50 free verifications