How do we Verify Documents

Technology and processes used to check if documents are genuine

MRZ checksums and data consistency

MRZ contains data that can be found on the whole document like full name, date of birth, document number, document expiration date, etc. encoded in a specific format.  Our technology:

Reads and extracts data encrypted in the MRZ

Checks if data from the MRZ strip is consistent with the information on the document and with the information provided by the user

Reads, analyses, and validates checksums on the document

Confirms that document has not expired

Comparing with the templates, looking for any signs of manipulation or forgery

There are many ways fraudsters can try to cheat. They can try to cover the original photo of a genuine document with another. However, this will leave visible edges around the photo that is usually printed onto the document. Altering the photo will also result in changes to the security features that are interlocked with the original image. Documentsare also protected by specific typography, security marks, and holograms. Fraudsters may attempt to make some data alterations (using computer imaging software or making physical changes) in information printed onto the document and the data encrypted in MRZ. As a result leaving signs of manipulation and slightly different fonts. That is why we ensure that:

Fonts on the document are correct

Security features and designs that are expected from this type of document are there.

There are no manipulation signs that could suggest the possibility of the fraudulent document.

The document is consistent with their respective government made template. Our database covers ID cards, passports and driving licences from over 200 countries

Holograms check

Unlike our competitors, our identity verifications are video based. As a result we can have a holistic 3D view of the whole document. We can ask the user to tilt his document in different ways to fully show the holograms which are especially hard to forge in a convincing way. It is something that is possible only on video. Simple photos are often not able to show them.

Checking edges of the document

While we use video for our identity verifications we can easily eliminate common spoofing methods. One of them is taking pictures of fake printouts of documents. By having a 3D overview of the document we can easily check all edges of a document and verify it’s thickness.

Document overall quality check

Our software and our verification specialists are trained to recognise manipulations on the documents that can suggest document is potentially fraudulent. Identity documents are made to be very difficult to copy or to be manipulated in any way. They have many security features like tilted laser images, holograms, optically variable ink, watermarks, text overlay, complicated designs in the background. Our system can check their consistency, quality, and compare them to the templates of the genuine documents.

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