1. What is video identification?
  2. What is an automated video identification?
  3. What do I need to get verified?
  4. How to prepare for the video identity verification?
  5. How long does an identity verification process take?
  6. How can I make sure that my automated identity verification without the assistance of a verification specialist will be accepted?
  7. Do I have to pay for identity verification?
  8. How will I know what is the result of my identity verification?
  9. What happens with my data?
  10. Will my data be encrypted?




  1. What type of identity verification does Fully-Verified offer?
  2. Can I use Fully-Verified to verify age?
  3. Will the process be easy to follow for my customers?
  4. What do my customers need when identifying?
  5. Can I assign agents from my own call centre?
  6. Can Fully-Verified be integrated with my system?
  7. What is the advantage of Fully-Verified and basing the identity verification on a video stream?


Identity Verification process

  1. How do you verify my customer’s identity?
  2. How do you authenticate the identity documents?
  3. Do you offer Criminal, Sanctions and PEP checks?
  4. What type of documents do you check? What countries do you support?


Regulations and safety

  1. Are you compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation?
  2. Does identity verification by Fully-Verified satisfy KYC requirements?
  3. Is my customer’s data secure?


Offer and pricing

  1. What is the difference between SaaS and Full Service models?
  2. What are the possible results of the identity verification?
  3. What is the pricing?
  4. Do you have your own mobile app? Can we use our own mobile app?
  5. How many browsers does Fully-Verified support?
  6. How can I get access to API?
  7. What is an example of a technical workflow?


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