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Offer and pricing

FAQ – Business Offer and pricing


What is the difference between SaaS and Full Service models?

The Full Service model allows you to move all the burden of verifying customers from your company to  Fully Verified. Our verification specialists will perform identity verifications of your customers and you will get the results. Focus on the growth of your company and leave the identity verification to experts!

In the SaaS model, we only provide our software, and you can assign your own employees, to perform identity verifications. You will receive a ready-to-use package, which covers everything required to deliver video identifications. Verifications are carried out through our easy to use interface.


What are the possible results of the identity verification?

Possible verification results are “Success” or “Failed” for completed verifications. Successful means that all details were correct and we were able to verify someone’s identity. Fail means that some of the details were incorrect or that there was a fraud attempt.

The last verification status is “Unverified” which is given to verifications that couldn’t be completed due to, for example, technical problems such as the end-user dropping out of a call and not completing the process.


What is the pricing?

We only charge for successful ones and when we detect fraudsters. We never charge for incomplete verifications! Our minimum fee charge already includes a number of verifications. For more information about pricing, contact us here.


Do you have your own mobile app? Can we use our own mobile app?

Yes and yes! We do have our own mobile app (for Android and iOS). We can also integrate with your company’s app via an SDK.


How many browsers does Fully-Verified support?

We suggest using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


How can I get access to API?

Please contact us here and we will provide you with access.


What is an example of a technical workflow?

Please contact us here and we will provide that to you.


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