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Identity Verification process

FAQ – Business Identity Verification process

How do you verify my customer’s identity?

At Fully-Verified, identity verifications consist of two elements:

  • Automated face recognition and matching (Our algorithms check if the face of the person presenting the document is the same as the face of the picture on the document).
  • Document authentication.

By combining the strengths of AI and human reviewer, we assure the highest level of security and protection against fraudsters.


How do you authenticate the identity documents?

To guarantee the highest level of security on each document a series of checks are performed by AI and human verification specialist.

  • AI checks MRZ, checksums and data consistency.
  • The software reads the document and extracts all the information written on it (from the name of the owner, date of birth and expiration date to issuing authority).
  • Comparison to government templates, looking for any signs of manipulation or forgery, verifying fonts.
  • Check of documents edges, holograms and other security features visible under different angles.


Do you offer Criminal, Sanctions and PEP checks?

Yes, for an additional charge. Fully-Verified offers global coverage of sanctions, watchlists, and PEPs.

Our global data sources are continuously updated, reflecting the ever-changing risks to corporates and financial institutions in their dealings with global counterparties. The data includes millions of profiles on high-risk individuals and corporations worldwide. We cover almost 350 databases.


What type of documents do you check? What countries do you support?

We support international passports, national identity cards and driving licenses from more than 200 countries. For a detailed list contact us here.


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