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European Brokerage House (EBH) is a fully FSC licensed and regulated broker under the MiFID. EBH’s team has decades of experience on the Forex market allowing their customers to have an unparalleled trading experience. 


This use case shows the process of implementation and usage of identity verification services provided by Fully-Verified for EBH. EBH uses both our Live-Verify (video identifications with specialists) and Self-Verify (automated video identifications) depending on cases. 

The goals for this integration were:

EBH decided to choose Fully-Verified’s services because of:

The flow of the registration process combined with Fully-Verified’s identity verification service is simple. Each user fills in their details on EBH’s site, after the details are saved the verification is started within Fully-Verified’s system. Depending on verification method (Live-Verify vs Self-Verify) the user either connects with a consultant who guides them through the process, or, if using Self-Verify, completes the process on his own by showing their document and taking a selfie (all on video of course). After the process is completed each user is sent back to EBH along with verification outcome and the ability to use EBH’s trading account. 

Customer input

All we needed from the customer was their requirements. We provided all the technical documentation required for integration with our API as well as offered support from our dev team for the whole process. 

Since there was a requirement for custom verification scenarios and questions, our compliance team created a procedure which met EBH’s guidelines. 

How has Fully-Verified become an important component of EBH’s digital strategy?

Customer demands are changing very fast, and users have high expectations with regard to usability and speed, especially with young people. Today, the expectation is that an account should be opened in minutes rather than hours.

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Fully-Verified was created as answer to its founders collectively losing over $150 000 to various types of fraud in their eCommerce businesses.