Identity verification has become a new normal for most businesses. What used to be a novelty or a curious new process is now a daily occurrence. In this day and age, cybercriminals are grasping every opportunity to violate users’ privacy and steal personal data, that they can later sell on the black market. Thanks to this process, businesses can prevent fraud and ensure the safety of their users. However, for most people, it is still a struggle to successfully go through the verification process on their first try. Is there a way to prepare yourself to ace the verification process? Definitely! All you have to do is follow our tips for successful identity verification.

How to Successfuly Complete Identity Verification with Fully-Verified?

1. Check the verification requirements before starting the process.

Before you start filling out a verification form or try to go through the verification process make sure that you familiarize yourself with the verification requirements of the company. Some businesses require a specific document and it is important to have it at hand.

2. Make sure all the data you have provided are correct.

Before the verification starts you will have to provide your personal information. Make sure all the data you have provided are correct. Use your full legal name. The information must match the data on your identity document. Double-check the spelling to make sure there are no typos. 

3. Have a Valid ID card at hand or other accepted document type.

Fully-Verified accepts passports, ID cards and, driver’s licenses. Make sure your ID is not expired or physically damaged. You will need to show your document during the verification so it is important that you have it at hand and do not go looking for it during the verification process. Choose the correct identity document type for the verification.

4. Use a good camera and a stable Internet connection.

Make sure your device has a good quality camera and a stable internet connection. It is vital to take good-quality pictures of the identity document. Most of the verification fails because of the bad camera or internet quality. Especially when using a desktop/laptop, which usually has a poor camera quality. You may also be asked to download our mobile app as an alternative method and give temporary access to your camera and microphone to complete the verification. That will help you to go through the verification process more smoothly. Remember to also use one of the recommended browsers for your device. 

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5. Avoid public spaces.

Avoid loud and populated places. The people in them may disrupt the verification process which will cause a failed verification. Some businesses require you to be alone during the verification and your surroundings have an impact on your verification process.

6.Go through verification on your own.

Some businesses allow for friendly assistance during the verification. Some also allow the presence of a translator. However, it is best to go through the verification on your own, without any interruptions. It is a process that you must go through of your own volition and no one can coerce you to do that. 

7. Don't rush.

Take time to go through the verification process. Usually, our live-verification process takes from 5 to 7 minutes, and our automated process about a minute! 

8. Make sure you are fully visible the whole time.

Don’t disappear from the view of the camera. You need to be visible through the whole verification process so make sure that you have everything ready and that you will not be interrupted.

9. Follow instructions.

Follow the instructions that you are given. For a live-verification process, you will be asked to remove your glasses for a moment. Don’t stress that you won’t be able to see anything, we only need to take a picture of you. We will also need to check the security features on your document, follow our instructions and movements and it will only take a couple of seconds. 

10. Make sure the document is fully visible and that you are not covering any data or security features.

If you’re using an ID card or driver’s license, you will need to show both sides of the document. If you are using your passport you will need to show the information page. It’s the page with your picture and personal details. Make sure the full page is visible, which includes the machine-readable zone at the bottom of the page. Don’t cover any security features with your fingers, they are a vital part of the document that confirms the security and authenticity of the ID.

This may be a lot of information to process, but you don’t need to remember everything. Successful verification really isn’t that hard! Our operators will be there to help you and guide you through the process. Should you have any questions it is always good to reach out to the service that you are verifying yourself for. 

KYC platform for global customer onboarding

Decrease onboarding costs up to 46% Improve pass rates up to 26% Complete verifications in less than 15s.

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